heartbeat of me

can you hear it?

are you listening?
to the rhythmic beating of your life
tucked away, shielded away by ribs
up against muscle and bone
flesh and tissue.
i was never good with anatomy
seventh grade science dissection projects
always creeped me out.
staring into the eyeball of the insect
or frog
that lay fully exposed and at the hands of a very immature and awkward young boy or girl.
giving them everyday names like “Ann” or “Ted”
in attempts to bring some life-qualities
to something that will never be again.
my hope
when i enter into a space. relationship. experience,
where i feel bare;
as if my chest is pinned open
and my organs, bone and tissue
are exposed for this world to see
that my heart will continue to beat
in a rythm that is true
and recognizable to me.

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